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Looking for a sports chiropractor in Lafayette, CO? Colorado is full our favorite outdoor activities including hiking, mountain bike riding, skiing, rock climbing, golfing, and more. Unfortunately injuries happen, we are here to get you back to your active lifestyle in as little time as possible. We accept most major insurance!

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Competing in sports and outdoor activities is tougher than ever, with the increased viability of personal trainers and nutrition coaches, being in peak condition is essential for success as well as athletic injury prevention. 

From professional athletes to recreational athletes, even minor improvements in athletic performance can have a major impact during a game. Sports chiropractic is essential for optimal health as well as treating and preventing musculoskeletal injuries. 

Do athletes use chiropractors?

Athletes of all levels utilize sports chiropractic as a secret weapon to help dominate in their sport. Regardless of the sport, the individualized care provided for sports-related injuries is extremely valuable for player success and longevity. 

Palmer College of Chiropractic did a study in 2020 that concluded:

  • Approximately 90% of professional and Olympic-class athletes use chiropractic care to reach their peak performance and reduce the risk of injury. 
  • 72% of PGA Tour players receive chiropractic care, and 100% of MLB teams have a sports chiropractor on staff. 
  • The NCAA reported that 39% of college athletes received chiropractic treatment in 2006. 
  • Olympic athletes on Team U.S.A have utilized chiropractic treatment since 1980, aiding in the acquisition of over 750 medals and counting. 
do athletes use sports chiropractors lafayette co
Source: Palmer School of Chiropractic

What do sports chiropractors do?

Sports chiropractors are specialists when it comes to diagnosing and treating sports injury & athletic performance related injuries. They are experienced in creating a training program and treatment plan to help athletes return to their sport in as little time as possible. 

They utilize the same techniques for pain relief as a traditional chiropractor, but with a focus on achieving performance related goals. They have similar training and methodologies, but with special consideration for increasing performance and prevent future injuries. 

The technique utilized will depend on your chiropractor, but it is best to seek out a chiropractic office that offers “Diversified” chiropractic technique. This relies on only evidenced based practices that are proven successful. Be wary of chiropractors that are quick to use x-rays as a diagnosis tool, or offer long term committed care plans. 

Even if you are currently in excellent physical condition and injury free, a sports chiropractor is essential to do the activities that you love for years to come. 

What common sports injuries to chiropractors treat?

Being located in Colorado, outdoor activities such as: hiking, trail running, skiing / snowboarding, mountain biking, road cycling, rock climbing, mountaineering, and golfing are a crucial part of the local lifestyle.

Mountain Biking: Common injuries on a bike include knee pain, lower back pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Sprain. 

Skiing / Snowboarding: Falls account for the most injuries such as as shoulder injuries, ACL tear or rupture, head injuries resulting in neck pain, and Medial Collateral Ligament Tear. 

Hiking / Trail Running: Twisted or sprained ankle, knee pain, and joint inflammation.

Rock Climbing: Shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, meniscal tears, finger pulley injuries. 

Regardless of skill level or training in these intense outdoor activities, musculoskeletal pain symptoms due to falls, incorrect movement patterns, and overuse can result in the need for medical care.

While traditional primary care providers and other types of doctors may only prescribe medication that masks the symptoms, a chiropractor will treat the root cause of the pain symptom.

Other common injuries that sports chiropractors treat include:

  • Groin Pulls
  • Shin Splints
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Golf Elbow & Tennis Elbow
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Dislocations
  • Jumpers Knee
common injurys that sports chiropractors treat
Source: Palmer School of Chiropractic

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms from your favorite outdoor activity, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with our chiropractic practice. 

How will a Lafayette, CO sports chiropractor will help you?

Spinal manipulation is just one tool that is available for your healing process. During your appointment your chiropractor may utilize manual therapies, massage therapy, patient education, cupping therapy, kinesio taping, exercise instruction, myofascial release and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. 

One of our top chiropractors, Dr. Dean Wright DC, also has a certification in functional dry needling. This technique is extremely effective in treating painful trigger points and musculoskeletal pain. 

Some of the most effective treatments combine range of motion training, massage therapy, home exercise programs, and traditional chiropractic adjustments to improve quality of life. 

If you are looking for amazing care from a local Lafayette, CO sports chiropractor, look no further than South Pointe Chiropractic. Our comprehensive treatment plans are guaranteed to help your athletic performance.

Everything from skiing and mountain biking to golf and football, our advanced knowledge of the human body and bio mechanics will help you crush your athletic goals.

Give us a call today at (720) 749-4712 to find out exactly how we can help you return to your active lifestyle. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and schedule an appointment. 

Sports Chiropractor FAQ's

According to a PubMED study, 31% of NFL teams have a chiropractor officially on their staff, while the remaining 69% do not. Beyond the NFL teams that do have chiropractors on staff, it was found that 77% of team managers were referring their players to outside chiropractors to increase longevity and reduce risk of injury.

Todays NFL is not the same as 50 years ago, players depend on maintenance and preventive care to keep them in the game. 

“As long as I see the chiropractor […] I feel like I’m one step ahead of the game”. – Tom Brady

Yes! Regular chiropractic care helps NBA players boost their range of motion, speed, flexibility, balance, and strength. 

Michael Jordan, one of the most famous NBA players in history relied on chiropractic care to keep him mobile and improve his skills for 15 seasons.


“I didn’t know how much I could improve until I started seeing a chiropractor. Since I’ve been in chiropractic, I’ve improved by leaps and bounds both mentally and physically.” – Miichael Jordan

Chiropractic care is an excellent choice for athletes who play in a local sports league all the way to elite competitors. An increasing number of athletes are relying on chiropractors to help heal from current injuries and prevent future injuries.

Pain and stiffness in the joints is a common side effect in athletes, which causes limited range of motion and potential pain, which inhibits athletic performance. 

Chiropractic treatments have a major focus on improving range of motion, which is beneficial for any athlete or outdoor enthusiast. 


Sports an outdoor activities can result in painful sprains, strains, and muscle / ligament tears. Fortunately, these type of injuries are specialties for sports chiropractors. 

Beyond treating current injuries, they will also help prevent future injuries in areas such as the neck, back, shoulder, ankle, and knee. Give us a call today at (720) 749-4712 to find out how one of our professionals can help you. 

Many elite athletes across a wide range of sports rely on chiropractic treatment to take their performance to the next level, and prevent injuries. 

Some well known athletes that use chiropractors include:

  • Michael Jordan (NBA)
  • Tom Brady (NFL)
  • Michael Phelps (Olympic Swimmer)
  • Lance Armstrong (7x Tour de France titles)
  • Evander Holyfield (Olympic Boxer)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Professional Soccer Player)

Even if you are not an elite athlete, you can still benefit from chiropractic treatment to help reduce pain, prevent injury, and make the athletic activity that you do more fun.