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Pain Relief Specialties


Chiropractic care is often assumed to mean only spinal manipulations. At South Pointe Physical Rehab, we are breaking down patients perceptions of chiropractic care, through helping our patients achieve their functional movement goals. Chiropractic care consists of a broad spectrum of treatments and methodologies which provide an excellent source of pain relief for patients with all kinds of musculoskeletal related pain.

Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment

Each patient is different and unique when it comes to spinal curvatures, functional movement, and biomechanics. Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment (CMT) is excellent for providing personalized treatment, for a wide range of pain symptoms.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is a natural method of relieving minor pain symptoms, and may be used in conjunction with a larger strategy to mitigate major pain symptoms. Therapeutic Massage is effective in reducing pain due to the positive effects that relaxing massage has on pain sensors.

Physical Rehab


Physical Rehab at South Pointe Physical Rehab aims to enhance and restore the functional ability and quality of life for patients with not only physical impairments and disabilities, but athletes looking to reach their peak performance. Many of our physical rehab oriented treatments focus on restoring and correcting proper bodily movement patterns, which results in decreased chronic pain and increased athletic performance.

Bio Mechanical Analysis

When a patient is receiving physical rehab care, properly assessing Bio Mechanics is essential. It is a science that focuses on the structure and movement of the human body and focuses on muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. 

Blood Flow Restriction

Blood Flow Restriction allows physical rehab patients to lift much lighter loads and still get the benefits of lifting heavy loads. This is done with the use of a restrictive cuff placed around a proximal limb and which limits the amount of blood flow.

Exercise Instruction

Home exercise plans area crucial factor to facilitate the quickest possible recovery in many of our patients. For this reason, we truly strive to make this process as easy and attainable as possible to give our patients the best odds of success.

Neuromuscular Re-Education

Neuromuscular re-education / rehabilitation is a technique used to restore normal body movement patterns.

Soft Tissue Therapy


It is targeted clinical massage that can be utilized to relieve pain symptoms stemming from a wide variety of conditions. Soft tissue therapy is known for its miraculous ability to stop pain symptoms in their tracks and restore normal pain free movement. Soft tissue therapy also reduces tensile and compressive stress on your body which aides in speeding up the healing process

Orthopedic Massage

 Orthopedic Massage is capable of integrating a wide variety of extremely effective techniques in the treatment of soft tissue dysfunctions, pain, and injuries, with the main effect of this treatment being lengthening and softening muscles and ligaments.

Myofascial Release

Sometimes different layers of the skin can become “stuck” together, even forming adhesions. The sticking together of these layers of skin causes a dysfunction in mobility of the tissues, which can be relieved through myofascial release techniques.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Points are spots in your body’s soft tissue that are responsible for pain symptoms. The pain symptoms caused by these Trigger Points can be reduced through Trigger Point Therapy, which consists of various methods.


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization utilizes ergonomically designed instruments that treat fascial restrictions, encourage healing response and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis, and chronic inflammation.

Passive Therapies


Passive treatment can help immediately relieve pain stemming from a wide variety of sources. Passive treatments offered at South Pointe Physical Rehab include Cupping, Kinesio Taping, Dry Needling, and Wet Needling. We like to pair our passive treatments with active treatment to keep our patients functional and pain free in the long term.


When cupping is utilized correctly, the cups act on the layers of tissues and decompresses them, causing any points that are “stuck” to move freely again. This decompression of layers creates the potential for a global healing response.

Kinesio Taping

The functionality behind Kinesio Tape is that it microscopically lifts the skin, which can reduce discomfort and facilitate lymphatic drainage. The applications of this technique are almost endless, due to how the numerous application cases.

Dry Needling

Functional Dry Needling (FDN) is an extremely effective tool in treating restrictions in myofascial tissue as well as re-educating muscles that aren’t working properly. Functional Dry Needling is often a single component of a larger treatment plan.

Preventative Care


Preventative care focuses on aspects of your daily life such as what type of food you eat and your normal activity levels. Improving your daily routine can help fight back against chronic pain and improve your quality of life.

Nutritional Plans

When seeking nutritional consultation, the first step is investigating if patients are on a specific diet or supplement regimen, we can review this and see if any changes are recommended. If no regimen exists, we can help create one that fits your needs.